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Monday, April 5, 2010

A new calendar is the perfect touch for any office decor!

Good Monday morning!

I'm off work today and tomorrow, taking rare advantage of the fact that New Girl is capable enough to run things without me, and Bossman is out of the state for a week, so there's not a thing he can do about it!

I don't know about you, but Easter has, in my little family, become a time of giving small, and sometimes silly gifts. It started several years ago when the Girl wanted a new pair of fancy shoes for Easter Sunday. Now, we fill the kids' baskets (Or wal mart bags, since most of our baskets have been broken or "borrowed" by my brother's kids over the last few years) with movies, books, shirts, some smallish thing that the kids aren't expecting, or are expecting and have, in fact, pointed out.

Our Easter traditions are fairly non traditional, since we do not have the Easter Bunny, but the Naughty Easter Rodent who hides the colored eggs we make for the Tips and Butts Tournament. As an apology for hiding said eggs, the Naughty Easter Rodent also hides baskets of gifts. The NER got a little lazy this year and 'hid' said baskets outside bedroom doors, since both kids had to be up and dressed before dawn and then we were busy busy all day.

Anyway, the NER was good to me this year! I got the NEW Rick Springfield 2010/2011 calendar! Now, one would think that this is behind the times, since the year started three months ago. Not so. The Rick Calendar runs from March to March...AWESOME as and Easter gift, right?

And just in time, this new calendar replaces my old one which ran out the end of March. My office at work will be BEAUTIFUL!

Of course, a new round of Rick pics will bring a new round of questions from New Girl, such as, "Who is this Rick Springfield you love so much?" or, "Oh yeah, my dad used to like that music."

How young is she?

If your office is looking a bit drab, I highly recommend investing in a new calendar. Whatever your passion. Believe me, there's a calendar out there for everyone! Perk up your office, inspire yourself, or just escape from the hum drum of work life with a good calendar!

As for me, when I get back to work on Wednesday, I'm hanging the new one in a place of honor and the old one I'll separate and pretty much wallpaper the place with Rick pics!

That should make the work day go by faster!

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