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Thursday, March 25, 2010

You say potato I say French fries in the end it's all starch.

Good morning all!

Recently over on Facebook I found myself defending a tradition in my church. Some called the tradition archaic and backwards. I know my friends meant no disrespect, because I know them. It was a spirited give and take conversation. I doubt I converted anyone, and I'm pretty sure I'm now viewed as a bit of an old fashioned ninny, but I don't mind. What this proved was that people can and do discuss things without calling names or enlisting the aid of the ACLU.

Why can't the government operate like we the people? If we can get through our days without shrieking at each other, why do the powers that be have to be so touchy? Bonus, as a conservative, I am willing to bet that if I sat down with my most liberal friend, the two of us could hammer out a health care plan that would satisfy both sides. It might take a couple of months to do, but we would get it done and be friends still at the end of it.

As a side note, I LOVE Rick Springfield's song, "Mr. PC." (He wrote it in Milwaukee, incidentally.) If you haven't heard it, track it down on his website and take a listen. It's a scolding to both sides of the aisle for letting simple words become the issue instead of the issue being the issue.

Writers get it, I think, more than maybe any other type of person. Writers aren't just people, they are people with many people inside of them. Writers can see things from all sides because while writing a story, they have to see things from the viewpoints of characters they may not always agree with. Writers, especially romance writers, know how the story is going to end. That's not the hard part. The hard part is picking the best path to get there.

So, here's my big thought of the day...(and a quick nod to New Girl here at work who mentioned the Wanda Sykes comment that maybe we should have a couple of single moms balance the budget.) how about if we move all of the big fat cats out of Washington DC and move writers in their place? (And I'm not talking about just the liberals or just the conservatives, because honestly, there isn't any difference when we're talking about our Congress. They are all for sale and they have all been bought and sold a hundred times.)

If we replaced Congress with writers, one thing is certain; we'd have a health care bill that would cover the following:


Secret Babies

Broken Hearts

Cliff Hanging


Evil Twins

Drunken confessions

Arranged, loveless marriages of convenience

And, bonus, there will be a happy ending or the promise of a sequel at the end of it all!

Take note, Congress. We writers can do it better, and in a more entertaining way than you can. We can do it without calling each other names, we can do it without 24 hour news coverage, and we can do it without any tax dollars. We're writers. It's how we roll.


  1. I think you're onto something. I've always wanted to cover my evil twin's secret baby on my health insurance, but that's currently frowned upon...

    And is it wrong that I was disappointed when your post didn't involve more fried starch talk?

  2. No, I figured you'd be a little disappointed. I was hungry when I started writing. Then I thought about Congress and lost my appetite... LOL!