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Friday, March 12, 2010

You have been googled, you have been binged, and you have been found less cool than everyone else with your name.

Good evening!

Okay, everyone does it, right? Everyone checks out their name on some search engine or another, just for kicks. Just for grins. Just to see if anyone out there in Internet land is listening! (If a blogger blogs and no one reads the blog, is it still a blog?)

So I checked out my favorite search engine of late, Google. I love Google. Google apparently loves me back because I don't have to look too terribly hard to find both my blogs, my facebook, my book on Wild Rose Press, my most recent Ebay listing, my phone maiden name...the guy I went out with in high school who later...oh never mind, this is creeping me out!

It's ALLLLLLLLL there!

So I went to yahoo, where I'm proudly a member of roughly 11 Yahoo groups. (I get about 300 emails a day, mostly from other authors, mostly from the same people, but on different loops. And we wonder why I get very little done in a day!) Yahoo doesn't love me quite as much. In spite of my many groups and the exhaustive work I do every day to sort through post after post, Yahoo barely takes notice that I exist. Oh, but they do like my digital release of Dream in Color. That's pretty much up there.

So I tried BING. You know, that new search thingy from MSN. Personally, it hasn't been that helpful to me, and I rather like the tangents I go on when I'm searching for something else. Maybe I start out looking for some shoes and I wind up reading a blog post on hiking in Asia.

Bing? Bing liked me well enough, but only with the J in my name.

See, Sarah Bradley is a really coooooooool chick. Or several. She's a world famous something thing in Australia. She's a judge. She's an interesting dead person. She's a college professor. She might be a senator. I think she may have cross stitched the largest US flag ever. (I can't confirm that one yet.)

Add the J, and, well, you get me. LOL!

Why the J?

I started that back in college. Before Google, before Yahoo, before Bing, there was the dry erase board. There were so many Schultz's (my maiden name) in my class that I dropped my last name and was just Sarah J. That proved to be a good thing because my junior year another Sarah Schultz showed up as a freshman. (Very small campus, everyone knew everyone. More of a commune really...a commune with a terrible football team and a really great women's choir.) Sarah T. Schultz was and underperforming student, a less than reliable employee (we both worked in the cafeteria.) and a little tiny bit of a skank. (My boyfriend at the time, now my husband, overheard some freshman gents chatting about Sarah Schultz. He said, "That's my girlfriend." They said, "Dude, she's EVERYONE'S girlfriend.")

So, the J stayed to keep distance from the college ne'er do well, and, after marriage it stayed because, well, it just looked so cool when I endorsed my checks. (I've worked so many terrible jobs, having a cool endorsement is pretty much the one classy thing I've clung to! LOL!)

But now, in the world of googlebingyahoo, the J is there for good because you won't find me without it. You'll find a lot of super awesome women. You'll find a lot of interesting history. Ya just won't find me!

Best search moment of my week? Try looking up Sarah J Bradley Rick Springfield. See what you come up with. Go ahead, I'll wait...


So maybe I'm just a tiny bit cool, too?

Hey, if you're bored (and if you're reading my blog on a Friday night, you must be!) scoot on over to or and take a peak at Dream in Color. You can order print copies RIGHT NOW! Digital downloads, gotta wait until next week. (Which, incidently, is when Rick Springfield tickets go on sale for his shows in Milwaukee in May. Am I going to try and get some tickets?)

Is my UPS guy going to LOATHE me next week when he has to deliver multiple shipments of BOOKS to my door?

Have a great weekend all!


  1. If I Google myself with middle initial, I get nothing. Without, I get Lori's blog and this. Apparently in a past life I was an overweight British actress. Who knew?

  2. Congrats on getting the book published! and thanks. I just spent 20 minutes surfing WRP and I'm motived to submit (one of the 10 books sitting in my room). Good luck with the Milwaukee tickets. I'm shooting for Friday (May 7th). Maybe we can meet?! Rick Rocks!

  3. Aim: I'm shooting for Friday as well! I'll let you know if I get them...I'd love to meet! And yes, submit to Wild Rose! Rhonda is a wonderful person to work with!

    Elliott: You obviously need to be more active in this life! LOL!