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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A dream realized is a dream come true, no matter how long it takes!

Good morning all!

Okay, tomorrow is the official release date for "Dream in Color," which means if you do digital you can buy it and read it right away through the Wild Rose Press. (Just click on the book cove above, it'll get you there.)

But today I got to realize another dream that I've always had, since I was a teen. It's not a dream I've told many people about, mostly because growing up the way I did it was a dream that was deamed stupid, silly, and pointless. (I deamed a dream....that's funny if you say it out loud!)

I've always wanted to be on the radio. I wanted to be a DJ in the WORST POSSIBLE WAY!

Seriously, I have tapes and tapes of me, doing new stories and song intros for my radio station, WSJS. (See? That J has ALWAYS been with me.) I would sit in my room, listening to Bill Lemay out of Green Bay and Gerard and Lusack if I could pull them in from Milwaukee. (Manitowoc didn't have a lot in the way of local radio.)

My sophomore year in college, I filled out transfer paperwork to attend the Brown Institute in the Twin Cities. I didn't want to be a teacher, I wanted to be on the radio! But, my parents were still cutting the checks and my scholarship would go down the tubes if I transferred. So I became a teacher.

But, my friends, never, ever give up your dreams! Today, Thursday, I got to be on the radio as my two best and biggest dreams came true. Carrie Wendt from the Bob and Brian show on 1029 The Hog invited me to come on and drop off some copies of "Dream." I didn't really think I'd get air time, but she whisked me into a chair and popped on some headphones.

It was everything I thought it would be.

My friends, I am living proof that it is never too late to realize a dream. Keep dreaming, keep working, never give up! You never know when, or how, your dream will come true!


  1. And you rocked the radio like a pro! I guess all those years of practice paid off!

  2. You should be a regular. Even your times on You Can't Win are a riot. I love your laugh!

  3. Twindad...thanks! (No one's ever said that about my laugh!) Are you a member of the Facebook group "You Still Can't Win?"

    Elliott...I should dig those tapes out. It's all 80's all the time! Totally hilarious, I'm sure.