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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Wii see Mii

Good afternoon!

I just spend a lovely afternoon WRITING! (OMG!) Yes, Bossman was taking a nap (seriously, he told me that's what he was going to do) and New Girl is off today and the customers who are unable to purchase anything on the website without four phone calls stayed away. And I wrote like the wind!


I am stuck, however. I'm entering a contest I entered last year, with the same book I entered last year. (Mostly because I didn't get off my rear and write a new book.) Anyway, I've made some serious changes to said book, enough that I'm fairly certain that a panel of only moderately interested judges probably won't remember it. However, I need a title.

I'm terrible at titles.

The only reason "Dream in Color" is such a good title is because I played that fairly obscure Rick Springfield song over and over and over and OVER whilst writing the book.

While I have a soundtrack for this book, I don't have that one certain song.

So, my friends, I need help. I'm looking for something that involves any or all of the following words:

Web, lies, tangle, secrets, memories, heart, broken, hold, walk, music, horses, teach

(I'm sure, Elliott, you recognize the book by these few words. Can we just publish it under the working title, "THE STUPID NOVEL?" PLEASE?)

Oh, and I don't want a title that's been done, or sounds like it's been done, which is why I have issues. Any help is appreciated.

On to the bigger issue. WE got a WII for Christmas. (Ya know, now that everyone else has one, the price is down and we got a truckload of gift cards for Best Buy.) And we got WII FIT PLUS.

Have you done this?

As writers, we all know the problems of our calling. Sitting and sitting and sitting. Oh, and eating small chocolate candies (I'll take a page from "Biggest Loser" and NOT call them M & M's.) all day long.

Let me tell you, the WII IS AWESOME! I have a 180 bowling average and, according to Wii Fit, my Mii is 36! (Obese, yes, but 36!)

It's sort of a boost to know that at least someone out there doesn't think of me as fat, hairy, and ancient!

And, knowing that the Wii sees Mii as 36, I've gotten a whole new attitude about things. Do I want to do an extra mile on the treadmill? Why sure! After all, I'm only 36...I've got the energy!

Want to apply for a better job, say one that doesn't involve answering phones and questions for the computer illiterates who think they know it all? (Seriously...most of the phone calls I get start with, "Ah wants one of them Dora dolls, but the Internet is broken cause there's no place for me to put in my cash money." I cannot lie about this.) Yep, I'm 36! I want something better before I get too old!

Do I want to drink ice water at night rather than tequila because it's better for my skin?

Oh, wait, let's not get crazy here!

But honestly, I've given up Gold's (Mostly because I can't afford it now that hubby is living the life of the unemployed) and I'm working out at home. And the Wii, with my fabulous young Mii, is really a boost in the right direction!


  1. TSN has a ring to it, but I'll see if I can't devise something slightly more mass-appeally. Email me a synopsis, would you? I know it's evolved since I read it last, I'd like to know what I'm working with.

    Titles are easy for me. It's the 'writing the book to go with' thing that seems to be difficult.

  2. LOL! I'll send you the most current synopsis. Of course, this book evolves all the time. I'm surprised I haven't touched it in over a year!