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Monday, December 14, 2009

Not sure I should be proud of this...

Good afternoon all!

Well, Bossman told us he'd be in the office at 12:30. It's not almost 2:30 and he's not here, but he promises he'll be here by 2:30...

So Bob and Brian have begun that most holy of all holiday traditions, the reading of the "Holiday Horror Stories." Yes, mine got read this year, as I do just about every year.

Which makes me wonder...should I be proud of the fact that I'm able to supply the greater Milwaukee area with stories of my holiday woes?

I've always thought of myself as a storyteller. I can laugh at myself no matter the situation. Very little gets under my skin so much that I can't make fun of it. Those who know me have heard the gory stories of every stage of my life.

Still...should I be proud of my fact that my holidays are such a disaster that I'm able to make the stories amusing enough to be read on the radio?

After some thought on the matter, I'm going to say, YOU BETCHA!

And now, since Bossman seems determined to NOT LEAVE ME ALONE by phone, I must go and find out what stupid, pointless thing he's going to talk in circles about now.

Tah all!

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