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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I just tell people I'm a candle rancher!

Good afternoon! Okay, so some of you know that I used to sell fancy candles in people's homes. (I'm not sure how much trouble I'll get into if I mention the company's name...) Okay, I sold Partylite Candles. For four years I dragged boxes of candles and candle holders to people's homes, played silly games, and sold "premium" candles to unsuspecting housewives who couldn't avoid getting sucked into the endless swirling vortex of candle parties. (You book off of me, Karen will book a party off of you and Shirley will book a party off of Karen....oh, that's four candle parties in a month....hmmmmm.)

Well, now, two years after quitting my "business" I'm left with shelves and shelves and SHELVES of candles. Votives, tealights, pillars, three wicks. You name it, I've got it sitting in my basement.

Has that stopped me from hosting parties? NOPE! Oh no, the hostess program is the only thing that's better than the consultant program. (Seriously, how DOES Partylite stay in business?) As a hostess, I typically get between $200 and $300 in free product, just for opening my doors to a consultant.

Granted, the candle burning season in Wisconsin is pretty long, but not that long. I could heat my house nicely for a couple winters with the candles I have.

I give candles as gifts. I give candles to teachers, relatives, friends. Getting a gift from me? It's gonna be in a Partylite box and it's gonna be candles. Gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Ground Hog's day. Gifts for Grandma, gifts for the neices, the cousins, it inappropriate to give a four year old boy a candle for his birthday? I've got my nephew's party tonight...
The joke at our house is that if we ever have a house fire, we'll be the BEST SMELLING house fire EVER!
I'll have another candle party...and I'll get masses of free candles...and they'll sit, like so many others, in my basement. People come to my house and see this altar to scented wax and point and laugh. I don' t mind. I just tell them I'm a candle rancher!

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