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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If a fat girl falls off the treadmill in Cadio Cinema and no one can see her, does she still get credit for a workout?

Good morning all!

Well, I've not been all that enthused about my new membership to Gold's Gym, as I've mentioned here a time or two. HOWEVER, the Gym FINALLY opened their real doors this week. No more working in one sweaty, un-air conditioned room with fifty other people, oh no. No, now we are in Gold's for REAL!

I have to say, after one work out there yesterday, I'm dangerously close to falling in love with a room.

I'm not a confident weight trainer. (Okay, I'm a complete chicken.) It seems like I always wind up following a gaggle of muscleheads who are trying to outdo themselves one some machine and I sit in their cloud of BO and farts while changing the weight on the machine from 400 to 40.

Now I'm at Gold's, and they have "Lady Gold's" Normally, my conservative brain would say that it's just not right that the women should have a separate place to work out...and then I walked into Lady Gold's directly from the locker room (No walk of shame through Musclehead Land.) I enjoyed the fresh, cool, unstinky air as I was able to ride the recumbant eliptical (My favorite) and hear the TV (NCIS) over the sound of the four other women lifting weights without grunting or farting, or anything. It was lovely.

Then, bolstered by a great halfhour in Lady's Gold, I braved the ten step walk to Cardio Cinema. This may be my new home. Seriously. 1) It's dark. 2) There's a movie with surround sound and it doesn't matter that the movie was "Fast and the Furious," I hopped on a treadmill and hoofed it for half an hour, a record for me. Again, this space was free of Musclehead nation, though they lurked at the banech press thingy just outside the door. I heard only a whisper of their grunted communications while I tread on and on in surround sound glory.

Yep, I'm lovin' it. I'll go back this afternoon. Who knows, if I do this often enough, I may even brave hitting the spite of the fact that the Mensa scholars who designed this place put GIGANTIC picture windows that look over the pool from Muscle land. I'm not sure I'm ready to have the over pumped watch me hack my way through a lap in my swim suit. We'll see.

On a completely random note, for those of you wondering, we did get a letter yesterday telling us that after a two week investigation, the Waukesha police and the bank both decided that no, hubby and I did not go to the Janesville Walmart and spend $200. We get to keep the refund and I'm hoping that those who stole our debit card numbers are found and flogged by several muscleheads in a small, stinky room.

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