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Monday, August 17, 2009

A tiny teen in a middled aged world!

Good morning!

So Friday night the whole family went to see Rick Springfield at State Fair. I love going to Rick concerts because it's a gathering of my people, the middle aged , somewhat over weight women who adore him and know all the words to all of his songs. It's a group where the term , "BIGGEST FAN" not only refers to the person with the most knowledge of said star, but is also big in size. These are my people!

My family, however, was not as into the experience as I was, which is a pity because he put on a great, crowd pleasing show. He brought some young eye candy, Tyler Hilton, for the younger girls. My girl child was instantly in love and HAD to stand in line after the concert to get an autograph. Husband goes to these concerts not so much as a fan (he is) but as an amused observer of human nature. Unfortunately for him, he had four females loaded up with human nature of the inebriated kind. Whilst they danced and danced, they kept jamming his folding chairs into his legs.

Which brings me to the chairs. We were not in the bleachers at the Milwaukee Mile. I paid a bit extra and got on the "main floor" if you will. Now, these were folding chairs. That's fine, but these were small folding chairs, zip tied to each other, like we're going to pick up our chairs and leave with them after the concert. Given the average size of the fans (dress size 18) these chairs were too close for comfort on a sticky summer evening. So, at some point, some of the more enterprising fans got their husbands/boyfriends/male they dragged to the concert to whip out keys or a pocket knife (State Fair seems to be the last place on the planet that doesn't search purses.) to cut the chairs free. The boy child was one such chair liberator. It gave him a sense of naughtiness, which kept him entertained.

However, the boy is the central focus of my post this morning.

For those of you not familiar with Rick Springfield or his work, he has a song called "Human Touch." This was a reasonable hit for him back in the day, but now it's the cornerstone of his concerts because this is the song that he sings while roaming through the crowd. When he plays Potowatami here in Milwaukee, he climbs on tables, goes upstairs to the balcony, roams everywhere. In Nashville, at the Wild Horse, he crossed the length of the room on the tiny plastic tables. At State Fair I figured he wouldn't do the song. I was wrong. Not only did he do the song, he roamed out into the crowd on these tiny plastic chairs!

The man is a security nightmare. Has to be.

Once he left the stage, my people surged forward to touch their idol. I put an arm around the boy and shouted, "You wanted to sit on the aisle, now you have to watch yourself."

He did not understand what I was trying to tell him until it was too late. He stayed seated until he noted the wave of women crashing over plastic chairs towards him. Standing up to protect himself, he was shoved aside as Rick approached us and the women in our row reached upward to touch his shirtless self. (I got a bit of Rick shoulder sweat on my right hand...I don't know if said sweat has healing powers, but my hand didn't hurt later than night while the rest of my body did.)

It took boy child several minutes to recover from that knock down.

But it was a great concert, we had a lot of fun. And it should be noted, Rick is turning 60 in a week. It's not many 60 year olds that will take off their shirts in public, much less take them off, perform a concert, and send a thousand women into a huge case of the vapors doing so.

Hats off to ya Rick! Can't wait until you're back this way again!


  1. Sarah~ found you though my google alert for Rick. I was there Friday night and it sounds like we may have been sitting close (ish). Your post is spot on!

  2. Hi Aim, welcome! He put on a great show and I was so excited to be able to have my kids with me. My daughter loves his music, but of course was going to be all cool at the concert. Hubby and I saw him in Feb in Nashville. THAT was a show! Have you gotten to his shows at Potowatami in Milwaukee?