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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Methinks she needs glasses...

Good morning!

So, as anyone out there, both of you, has read, "Dream in Color" is now on the Wild Rose Press website as a "Coming Soon," novel. (4-23-10...if I haven't mentioned it!)

I sent out an email to every friend and relative I've ever had in life announcing this yesterday. Got back many congrats from many folks, but one really stuck out in my mind. A friend of mine, a lovely woman who is my age (in those delightful 40's, ya know) responded that she loved my cover art, and that she was convinced she recognized the two young women on the cover.

Ummmmmmm.....two young women?

For the record, I adore my cover art. It's gorgeous. A very, very talented artist named Nicola Martinez did the cover for me. You can see more of her work on the Wild Rose Press site. AFter the horror stories I've heard about first time authors having their book sales destroyed by bad cover art, I was nervous, but I could not be happier with my cover.

Yes, the couple looks a little familiar. The girl child, who is twelve, is convinced that the male in the picture is Joe Jonas, (the one I call "the pretty one." I also call him the Erleane Mandrell of the Jonas Brothers, and if you remember the Mandrell sisters, you know exactly what I mean.) The girl looks a tiny bit like any number of the Disney starlets, probably Demi Levado (I know I have the spellling wrong. I'm thinking I should not have to know how to spell that name. That would mean I spend too much time watching the Disney channel, and that's creepy.)

I sort of laugh because the book is actually listed in the "LATER IN LIFE" category for The Wild Rose Press. Yep, mid thirties, later in life. Don't I feel ANCIENT? LOL! Obviously, the two on the cover aren't quite "later in life." Still, it's a gorgeous cover, and I love it.

But back to my friend who thinks it's two girls. I think I'll leave it to you, my readers. You be the judge. You can check out my cover here on the blog, or go to the Wild Rose website and take a closer look:

Check it out under "Coming Soon" and "Contemporary/Later in Life"

Let me know if you think it's two girls or a girl and guy. Hey, maybe I should market the COVER to a whole different crowd!

Have a groovy one!

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