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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

But will Best Buy carry the soundtrack for my book?

Hello all!

Those of you who have read Stephanie Meyer's brilliant "Twilight" series probably noted something interesting in her acknowledgements: She thanks certain bands for inspirational songs.

Okay, Stephanie might be better known than I am (just a little bit...) but I've been writing with a soundtrack since I was 14. (Which is when I started writing "Shara's Chance/A Chance to Walk.") In fact, the ending to "Dream in Color" was greatly influenced by an obscure Rick Springfield song, "Dream in Colour." I don't want to give away the ending, but let's just say that our friend Ramona was going to have a completely different sort of romance until I sat down and really listened to that song.

Music influences a lot of things and we don't even realize it. Why do you think so much advertising involves music? Hey, Barry Manilow had a great career writing jingles. "You deserve a break today..." "And like a good neighbor..." (I can hear you singing the rest of the jingle...) I think my favorite jingle story of Barry's comes from a Dodge commercial he was asked to score. He says he wrote a massive, heavily orchestrated piece. Dodge didn't like it. Desparate to keep the job, Barry sat down on at a keyboard there in the meeting and pounded out four chords. BAM! A commercial was born.

So maybe you're trying to work out a scene for your story. Nothing seems to work. Relax. Listen to some music. Listen to music you don't normally listen to. Believe it or not, not everything I write is based on Rick Springfield songs. In fact, for "Shara's Chance" the whole plot changed the day I listened to "Hold on" by Kansas. Several scenes wrote themselves based on that song alone. I can't listen to Rob Thomas singing without thinking about Bryan, my hero in "Shara's Chance."

I would love to put out a companion CD with my books. I think that would really enhance the reading experience. Hmmmm, guess I'll have to run that by and agent. Now if only I could find an agent!

Have a groovy one, my friends!


  1. More than anyone else, Didier has a definitive soundtrack. A classic, multi-generational soundtrack (because, of course, I want to BE Didier...).

    BTW, I started a second blog to celebrate all my incompletes...check for the link on my Google profile.

  2. I'm loving it Elliott! I've missed Didier!