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Thursday, June 25, 2009

High points in a writer's career

Good morning!

Today I am dancing in my office and I'm thankful that I don't work with anyone other than Bossman, who is generally not here. I am not a good dancer.

Why am I dancing?

I have reached another one of those high points in a writer's career. There are many, and maybe you've hit some of them. Let me list some of the biggies:

1) Finishing your first book. The words, "The End" are an amazing thing to write.

2) Your first pitch. Yes, you want to puke on your shoes, but you don't, and that's huge.

3) Your first rejection. I know, but every no puts you closer to a yes.

4) Selling your first book. You can't sleep for a week.

5) Getting a release date for your first book.

Which is where I am right now! I finally got a release date for "DREAM IN COLOR!" APRIL 23, 2010!

That's the digital release, for you e-readers out there. Digital downloads will be $6 at

Now, the print on demand date is tentatively also April 23, 2010, but we'll know more on that a bit later. Print on demand will be available at or Barnes and, or other online book sellers like that. Books are soft cover, $13.99.

And so, having hit this high point today, I'm dancing in the office, leaving at one, going to Summerfest, and dancing at Summerfest. I may not stop dancing!


  1. Will I be able to read the digital download on my Sony Reader? No author's signature on that, but at least it saves me $8 so I can buy the next one, too!

  2. YEs, I believe Sony is the reader of choice over at Wild Rose. But to be sure, check it out at